Micha Mims

The Culture Coach

Empowering organizational culture through effective leadership and communication.

Culture is an essential aspect to all organizations, teams, and groups that takes time to create, consistency to sustain, and discipline to maintain. Though deemed an unmeasurable organizational necessity, the journey to a culture that best suites your organization begins and ends with measurable skill development in effective leadership and communication. Valued LLC can provide a deeper understanding to your current culture that brings growth and collaboration through speeches, 1-on-1 training, workshops and team sessions. Take your organization to the next level by attaining:

Enhanced Trust & Cooperation

Fewer Disagreements

More Efficient Decision Making

Sense of Organizational Identity

Shared Understanding


Tremendous Message

Micha addressed our team and what an inspiring message. She is enthusiastic, driven, powerful, and engaging. Professionally her message is as meaningful on the court as it would be at a law firm. Personally she is a very impressive young lady whose drive, passion and determination comes through in her message. I would highly recommend her presentation to coaches, managers and even parents.

Troy Claycamp
Turner High School

Enlightening and Motivational

Micha presented to our local high school team about her basketball journey and the life lessons she gained along the way. Micha provided her insights, strategies and sources of encouragement that helped lead to her success. Her speech was focused on how every moment in life was special and working hard would help to achieve your expected outcomes. Micha also provided insight into what prospective college coaches looked for in student-athletes, emphasizing that being a diligent student in the classroom would help lead to success on the court. Experiencing that success in both environments would prepare the players for what lies ahead for them after college and basketball. I look forward to having her return to speak to our team and would recommend her to your AAU club, team or outside organization.

Tom McGrane
High School Basketball


It was a pleasure to have Micha Mims speak to my girls, she was early on the zoom call to prepare to meet them and was very engaging, my team continued to talk about the meeting the next day at practice and told the other girls they missed a good word. Coach was able to let them know that it was about hard work and to fight for what they want, she also provided insight on what college coaches are looking for in athletes. I can’t wait until the playoffs so she can come back and motivate them. I would highly recommend and feel comfortable having her speak to a group, team, or organization.

Bryant Tucker
JC Harmon High School