Our Mission

We empower organizational culture by helping teams look inward to better serve outward.

Valued, LLC is a community, business, and education partner for growth and change. We work with businesses, schools, and athletics to empower individuals and cultivate culture. Using our Pillars of Culture Development, our goal is for more conversation, knowledge, and perspective to enhance trust, collaboration, and shared understanding.

Athletics and Sports Teams

We focus on helping athletic departments, coaches, players, and teams using discussion and activities to highlight differences and commonality. Through our Personal Development, Team Development and Leadership Development programs we will work to ensure fulfillment throughout all teams to ensure growth, communication, and purpose.

Workplace Development

Our work with large, small, for-profit, and nonprofit businesses is centered around conversation, perspective, and compassion. We believe that the key to internal alignment is understanding our differences and growing together. Investing in the people is key to a successful business and cultivating the culture we desire.


We strive to bridge gaps in support of our marginalized communities. Diversity, Equity and Inclusion is incorporated throughout our programming to tackle thought provoking discussion and difficult conversations. With a better sense of community comes a better sense of belonging.